6V DC E10 LED Screw LED Bulb Light

3,99 EX VAT


.Voltage: 6V / 6.3V DC
.Power: 6V*0.1A
.Base Type: E10
.Size: 32.5*10mm
.Lumens: 60 Lumens
.Color: white


6V DC E10 LED Screw Led Bulb Light

There are many advantages to LED bulbs over conventional filament type bulbs.
The big improvements made over the last few years in their production and brightness, mean that they are now replacing all classic/vintage bulbs.

They are particularly useful when it comes to classic cars and motorcycles and this article will look at the many reasons why. It contains the following topics (click to jump to a specific section):

Power consumption and efficiency
Colour and strength of light emitted