W5W 501 Bulb CanBus 100% ERROR FREE

7,99 EX VAT

100% ERROR FREE Super CanBus W5W

Our W5W 501 Bulb CanBus 100% Error Free is the perfect choice for your vehicle lighting upgrade.
Our CanBus bulbs are 100% compatibility with your vehicle’s CanBus system.

Perfect for Volkswagon, Audi and Mercedes
Certifications: CE & RoHS
Colour: SUPER Bright White
Power: 5W
Voltage: 10v-18v
Chipset: 14x 3020 Epistar chips


W5W 501 Bulb CanBus 100% Error Free

W5W 501 CanBus Bulb is equipped with 14x 3020 Epistar chips, producing a very bright white light.
Voltage range of 10v-18v and CE and RoHS certified safety standards.
Our bulb is designed to work without errors, preventing problems with your car’s CanBus system ensuring a smooth hassle-free performance.

What is a CanBus Error?

Modern vehicles use CanBus to monitor and control various electronic components.
When a standard LED or other non-compliant bulb is installed the CanBus system may detect a difference in power consumption or communication triggering an error message or warning light on the dashboard.

Easy Installation

Easy to install, fitting seamlessly into your vehicle’s existing sockets.
Plug-and-Play design you can quickly upgrade your lights without any modifications, adaptors or tools.


Parking lights, sidelights, and interior lights.
Compatibility with CanBus systems making it a perfect choice for your vehicle.

Enhanced Performance

Our W5W 501 Bulb is SUPER CanBus and provides a bright clear light that significantly improves visibility and safety.
Durable construction and high-quality components guarantee long-lasting performance.

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