LED Light Strip 10m RGBIC Magic Colour

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10m LED Strip Smart RGBIC Magic Colour Sets

Waterproof dreamcolor LED strip lights 10m 300led with 28k remote controller
LED Strips Specifications 
LED Type: SMD 5050
LED: 300 LEDs(30 LED/M)
Length: 32.8ft
Width: 10mm
Voltage: 12V DC
Waterproof: YES
Color: RGB & Dreamcolor

Whats in the Box
1 x Waterproof LED Strip 10m
1 x Power Supply 12V UK Plug
1 x 28K Remote

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LED Light Strip 10m RGBIC Magic Colour

Transform any room with our 5m LED Strip Smart RGBIC Magic Colour.
This innovative LED strip light offers vibrant and dynamic lighting effects, perfect for enhancing any room’s ambiance.
With advanced RGBIC technology, it provides brighter and more colorful illumination compared to standard LED strip lights.

When a single colour isn’t enough, we offer a full range of colour changing LED options with endless possibilities.
RGBIC colours are a lot brighter and more vibrant than ordinary LED strip lights.
Music, voice, remote, app or switch controlled giving you all the options for controlling your light strip.

Our 5m Smart Strip Light RGBIC Magic Colour Sets are vibrant, easy on the eyes, and at an affordable price.

What is RGBIC?

RGBIC (Red, Green, Blue Independent Control) is an advanced lighting technology that allows the individual control of each LED segment within a strip light.
Unlike traditional RGB lights, which display one color at a time across the entire strip, RGBIC enables multiple colors to appear simultaneously in different segments of the strip.
This feature creates dynamic and complex lighting effects, such as chasing, rainbow, and meteor patterns, enhancing the visual appeal and versatility of LED lighting setups.

Easy Installation

Installing the 5m LED Strip Light is straightforward. The set includes a 12V power supply and a 28K remote controller, ensuring you have everything needed for a quick and hassle-free setup.


RGBIC LED strip light is ideal for decorating your home, enhancing your bedroom, living room, or any other space that requires ambient lighting.
The ability to control each LED individually allows for endless possibilities in lighting design, making it perfect for creating dynamic and eye-catching effects.

Enhanced Performance

The LED Strip Light offers enhanced brightness and color vibrancy with its RGBIC technology.
It has music mode that adjusts light spectrum and colors according to the sound in order to create an immersive one time lighting experience.
The remote and smart phone application gives more features as well as making it so easy for all age users to operate.

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