12v Air Compressor with Onboard Tank 120psi

114,99 EX VAT

‎47.98 x 42.98 x 22 cm / 5.44 Kilograms

Package Content
1 x compressor
1 x hose
1 x fuse
1 x sealing tape


12v Air Compressor with Onboard Tank 120psi

12v Air Compressor with Tank now in Stock! We listened and we sourced.
Introducing the onboard air compressor for air horns, Air Suspension, tyre inflation, pneumatic tools etc

120 PSI Compressor: This air horn comes with a 3.5L / 0.8 gallon air compressor equipped with an automatic safety protection design, which will automatically stop pumping when the air pressure reaches 120PSI inside.
our compressor is equipped with 4 vibration pads and a 30-ampere fuse under the mounting leg to avoid hazards.

Super easy to install with all mounting hardware included, this compressor can easily be transferred from one vehicle to another without professional installation.
Comes with sealing tape, hose and all pneumatic fittings supplied.
Small, convenient and super quiet you can use them anytime and anywhere.

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