15m LED Strip Smart RGBIC Magic Colour Sets

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15m LED Strip Smart RGBIC Magic Colour Sets

Waterproof dreamcolor LED strip lights 10m 300led with 28k remote controller

LED Strips Specifications 
Product Name: LED Strip Light
LED Type: SMD 5050
LED: 450 LEDs(30 LED/M)
Length: 50ft/15m
Voltage: 24V DC
Color: RGB & Dreamcolor

Whats in the Box
1 x Dream ColourLED Strip 15m
1 x Power Supply 24V
1 x 28K Remote


15m LED Strip Smart RGBIC Magic Colour Sets

15m LED Strip our new range of RGBIC Magic Colour LED Sets when a single colour is not enough, we offer a full range of colour changing LED options with endless possibilities.
RGBIC colours are a lot brighter and more vibrant than ordinary LED strip lights.
Music, voice, remote, app or switch controlled giving you all the options for controlling your light strip.

Our 15m LED Strip Smart RGBIC Magic Colour Sets are vibrant, easy on the eyes, and at an affordable price.

IC Control Lamp Beads: Colors and brightness change simultaneously with frequency changes.
Music Mode: Light spectrum and colors adjust automatically based on the ambient sound.
2 Methods to Control: Get more functionality with the control box and your smart phone app

The differences between RGB & RGBIC

Offers red, green, and blue LEDs to allow you to mix over 16 million different colours.
Gives you the ability to change colours but you can take control of every LED individually, allowing for more dynamic lighting effects like chase, meteor, rainbow, etc.

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