Dynamic LED Tailight with NEON Combination & Sequential Effect

124,49 EX VAT

Certification: ECE R7 R6 R23 R38 R3 R4, EMC R10, ROHS
Operating Voltage: 12-24V
LED Power: T 0.65W, ST 7.2W, DI 1.6W, Reverse 2.5W, RF 3.3W, NPL 1.5W
Waterproof rate: IP67
LED Q’TY: T 39pcs, ST 39pcs, DI 14pcs, Reverse 14pcs, RF 6pcs, NPL 4pcs
Operating Temperature: -40°C~65°C
Function: T, ST, DI, Reverse, RF, Reflex, NPL


Dynamic LED Tailight with FULL NEON Combination & Sequential Effect

Introducling our beautiful SUPER Bright PREMIUM Range of NEON Dynamic LED Tailights with FULL NEON Combination and Sequential Effect.
These LED NEON Taillights are super bright in the daytime and the best taillights for night driving.

Each Dynamic LED Tailight had a NEON LED driving light, super bright Reversing light, Fog light, Sequential Indicator, super bright Break light & licence plate light.
Each combination tail-light can be run off 12v or 24v making them highly versitile for any business.
These sets of premium LED NEON tailights are stunning to the eye and will make any vehicle stand out in the crowd.

You can see our YOUTUBE Channel Video displaying all functions HERE

And our FULL Range of Dynamic NEON Lights HERE



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