H4 Direct Fit LED N62 Series Headlight

56,89 EX VAT

Model: H4 / HB2 / 9003
Power: 100w per pair
Lumen: 22000LM
Color: 6500K white
Waterproof Rating: IP68
Operating Current: 2.1A ±0.2A
Lifespan: 100,000hr
Connector: Plug and Play


H4 Direct Fit LED N62 Series Headlight

H4 Direct Fit LED N62 Series Headlight sets are PLUG and PLAY – NO wires and NO CanBus Boxes.
Most traditional LED Headlight sets do not fit the lighting housing due to their cumbersome boxes and wires!

H4 Direct Fit N62 Series Headlight provides wider and brighter night visibility.
22000lm bulb will make everything visible for as far as you can see creating a safer driving environment at night and extreme bad weather.

Our NEW N62 H4 Series solves all these problems
– NO tools required for fitting
– Perfect direct fit in FIVE minutes.
– 100,000 hour lifespan
– NO Radio interference

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