JDM Performance Hex Washer

7,99 EX VAT

Material Type: Aluminum
Applicable: Universal

Colours Available:
Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold, Green , Grey and Titanium

Package List:
10 x 6Mx20 Steel Bolts
10x Anodized Washers


JDM Performance Hex Washer

Product Overview

Enhance your vehicle’s look and performance with the JDM Performance Hex Washer and License Plate Fastener.
Designed for car enthusiasts who appreciate both style and functionality, this high-quality fastener ensures your license plate stays securely in place.

Key Features

The JDM Performance Modified Hex Washer Licence Plate Fastener is crafted from durable aluminum, making it ideal for universal application.
Each pack includes ten 6Mx20 steel bolts and ten anodized washers, available in various colors: Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold, Green, Grey, and Titanium.

Superior Design and Performance

These hex washer licence plate fasteners are not only stylish but also functional.
The anodized washers add a vibrant touch to your vehicle, while the steel bolts ensure a secure fit.
Perfect for those looking to upgrade their car’s aesthetics and performance.


Ideal for car enthusiasts who want to make a statement, the JDM Performance Modified Hex Washer License Plate Fastener is suitable for all types of vehicles.
Whether you’re attending a car show or just cruising around, these fasteners add a touch of JDM flair to your ride.



Additional information


Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Purple/Pink, Red, Silver, Titanium


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