LED Grow Light 4000W Hydroponic Plant Growing

139,99 EX VAT

1. Low heat,
2. High intensity LED chips, energy saving
3. Effective light spectrum brings proper wavelength that are beneficial to plants
4. Quality heat sinks and built-in cooling fans to solve heat problem
5. Zener protection to make sure that one failed led will not affect the others
6. Good for seedling, germination, growing stage and blooming stage
7. Can be used to grow houseplants, vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs
8. Perfect for green houses & grow houses


LED Grow Light 4000W Hydroponic Plant Growing

If you grow indoors, you need grow lights. But they can’t just be any lights. They must be capable of providing the type of light your crops need to boost healthy development and yield incredible flower.

Introducing our NEW range of LED Grow Lights with FULL Spectrum(resembles the sun).
Each LED Grow Light comprises of 100 LEDs – Red, Blue, White, Ultra Voilet and Infra Red to give optimal growing performance.

Our 4000w LED Grow Lights only comsume 75w of power keeping your energy usage at a low and saving money. Making them perfect for greehhouses and grow houses.

Pros of LED Grow Lights:
When it comes to improving your potency, LED grow lights seem to help the plant produce more trichomes and bring out the natural odor of the plant, and many growers believe the overall quality and potency of buds is increased when using LED lights during the flowering stage.

Considerably less heat with assists in the seedling stage

If you are new to using grow lights here is a link for the best tips on how to use a LED Grow Lights LINK

If you have a smaller area or grow house check out our 1000w Grow light HERE


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