MK7 Golf LED H7 Headlight Set CanBus

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MK7 Golf LED H7 Headlight Set CanBus

MK7 Golf LED H7 range headlights Bulb sets, Plug and Play.
No adapters required simply remove your old bulb and install our upgraded version, it is as simple as that!.
The VW MK6 MK7 Golf H7 Headlight Sets fit the Golf 6, Golf 7, Passat, Scirocco, Sharan etc

Each Bulb is equipped with a super bright CSP chip set giving off 72w, 9600lms with a crisp 6000k light.
Our H7 sets are full CanBus and will not throw an error onto the dash.
With 300% brighter than the stock halogen bulb, no dark spot, no glare to oncoming traffic, providing further and brighter visibility on the road.

The H7 is designed for LOW beam and we also supply H15 High Beam/Daytime Running Light, the link is below
Link to H15 LED headlight BULB


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