Car Underglow LED Atmosphere Lights APP Control

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1. 16 static color switching, 16 color strobes, 3 gradient flashing modes.
2. LED light bar is the latest design used in the decoration field. It is a soft, flexible, fully waterproof, non-breakable, long-life, energy-saving and environment-friendly product.
3. This product has sound and music control.
4. Wireless remote control switch control, multiple modes flashing (monochrome is always on, two-color is always on, three-color is always on, monochrome flashing, sliding flashing, three-color flashing, sliding flashing, gradient, etc.).
5. Installation location: It can be installed in the bumper, air intake grille, cab, tail, and under car.

Package included:
2x Front light bars
2x Side light bars
1x Control box
10x Cable tie
1x Instruction manual

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Car Underglow LED Atmosphere Lights APP Control

Introducing our new range of car underglow LED atmosphere Lights specifically designed to light under all vehicles in a super bright NEON LED glow.
Our Under Glow Sets are easy to in stall: The controller has the QR code, you can scan the QR code and download the APP
Then all you do is turn on your Bluetooth and change the colour scheme in any way you choose.

The APP allows any colour to be chosen as well as STROBE and FADE options.
Our sets are also music and sound controlled.

We also stock Footwell Strip Lights LED Atmosphere Neon Kits which you can FIND HERE

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60/90cm, 90/120cm, 120/150cm


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