H4 LED Headlight 72W XENON Nighteye Sets

43,99 EX VAT


Brand: Nighteye

Operation Voltage: 12v / 24v

Warranty: 1 YearLumens: 9000LM per set

Lifetime: 100,000 Hours

Number of Bulbs: 2

Box Sets Included: 2x LED Headlight Bulbs, 1x Product Manual, 1x Warranty Card

Waterproof Rating: IP68 Waterproof

Color Temperature: 6500K White

Connector Type: Plug and Play


H4 LED Headlight 72W XENON Nighteye Sets

Introducing our Nighteye range of LED Headlights.
LED Lights Dublin Nighteye range are a 6500k giving out a crisp, super bright XENON white.
Perfect for tractors and farm machinery.
Bright enough to light up any unlit road or field but also perfect for city driving.
Each H4 LED Headlight bulb is 12v & 24v and a fully waterproof IP68 rated.
The design of our LED headlight bulbs are Plug & Play making them super easy to install into any vehicle.

You may have to check your vehicle for CANBUS compatibility.
CANBUS issues are solved in a number of easy ways from resistors to inline adapter installation.
If you are unsure of your compatibility please give us a CALL and we will advise you on which bulbs are designed for your vehicle.


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